Website Creation

If you want a website but do not have one then you have come to the right place. Whether your buisness needs an online presence, you want to sell products or you have always just wanted a personal website to share your ideas online, we are here to bring those ideas to life.

Website Redesign

Do you already have a website but it feels dated? Perhaps its running slow, goes offline or is simple hard to navigate and turning people away. We can re-design your existing website and bring it current while also future proofing it. A refreshed design with breath new life into your buisness and your visitors!

It Matters!

Your website


Your competitors

We specialize in creating website designs that are visually stunning with logical and easy navigation. This ensures that no matter where your visitors are on your website, they have access to the applicable information they are seeking. When you entrust Dinz Design with your website design, you can be assured that users will receive valuable information when visiting your company website.

The Power Of WordPress VS The Others

WordPress is the leading CMS today. Powering over 45% of the internet, and 62% of CMS market share.WordPress offers a robust, flexible and powerful platform with which virtually no limitations.

However, it will need to be maintained, updated, and backed up. All services we provide. Wix and Squarespace take care of all that in the backend as part of your subscription but in the end, they are a bit more limited in what you can do. So which platform is best for you? We will figure that out together during consultation.

Tailored To Your Needs

No cookie cutter here. We design ALL of our websites from scratch, designed and developed to cater to YOUR unique requirements.

Fully Responsive On All Devices

As of early 2022, 52% of all web traffic comes from a mobile device of some kind. We design and develop all of our client sites from the ground up with mobile usability in mind first and foremost.

Fully Managed & Maintained

In addition to working with you to design, build and develop your new site, we also provide full managed services, where we can host and maintain your website for you.