Help has arrived!

Did someone recommend WordPress to you and now you are in over your head?

Did your last web designer build on WordPress and leave you high and dry now your just a tad freaked out?

First and foremost we want to say to you……

Relax! We got you!

Sadly this is not uncommon which is why we developed this service. What IS common are web designers not educating their clients on the extended support that goes along with owning a website these days. They are not simply interactive images and text, they are full-blown apps, yes similar to an app on your phone. They require maintenance and updates and please, never forget backups!

What's Included?

Dedicated WordPress Support

There isn’t much we haven’t encountered when it comes to WordPress. From minor bug fixes to the dreaded white screen of death, we make sure you never have to worry about your WordPress site.

Preventative WordPress Maintenance

We have processes in place to make sure we stay ahead of any possible issues your website may encounter. Your website is always looked after proactively.

Fully Monitored in Real Time

Our 24/7 WordPress uptime monitoring system alerts us the minute anything goes wrong with your website. Our platform boasts a 99.9% historical uptime.